iPhone iPod Touch iPad Software Repair

Apple iPhone iPod Touch iPad Software Repair
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If your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is showing error codes in iTunes or does not want to boot up properly, you may need a software repair. Even if you are trying to bypass any password lock code, we know how to restore it. We can attempt to fix your software issues and determine if it is fixable. Some software issues are caused by hardware issues and we have the facilities to determine what it will take to fix your device. This service does not include any jailbreaking or unlocking but once we recover your device, we can attempt to put your device back to a jailbroken or unlocked status if possible depending on your software and device model that is being fixed. This is not a service to recover your lost data, only to recover your device. Service fee waived if we are unsuccessful in recovering your device (except for any shipping charges).

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